Airport Data Management Platform

Automated management platform for customer relationships

Airport Data Management Platform allows you to develop and automate your promotion in a very simple way regardless the size of your structure and the maturity level of your projects. This proven and easy to use solution will get you from a simple email campaign to the full behavioral monitoring of your most loyal customers interactions!

  • Centralized customers profiles and interaction
  • Unified campaigns: emailing, mailing, SMS, and social networks
  • Real-time behavioral communications
  • Easy to start and handle – autopilot and dashboards

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Streamline and centralize your customer relationships

Airport Data Management Platform offers you a unique solution including all the communication channels. You build your customer campaigns from their acquisition to retention in a simple way. You only pay for what you use.

Simplify and automate your communication campaigns
Thanks to its very intuitive interface, Airport Data Management Platform is addressing webmarketing specialists as well as communication assistants. You set up the scenarios of your global campaigns and automate your individual messages based on real-time behaviors.
Dispose of a powerful and predictive tool

Airport Data Management Platform offers you a complete and secure solution hosted in the Cloud. Already adopted by many retailers in France and Europe, Airport Data Management Platform is the version specially dedicated to the air-transport customers. Thanks to pricing based on the number of customer profiles, you only pay for what you use.

Hear it from our clients

Airiane has developed an innovative Eco-criterion which measures the environmental footprint linked to air travel. It informs travelers about the environmental efforts undertaken by airports and airlines. Our airport is proud to see its efforts in this area rewarded by this Eco-criterion, which highlights our commitment towards a more sustainable aviation.

Jérôme Lebris

Managing Director
Pau Pyrénées airport

I am particularly satisfied with the work accomplished and the result attained thanks to the Airiane media campaign which allowed us to promote effectively our Marrakech destination and maintain our routes. We have strengthened the attractiveness of our airlines network with a better ranking on internet search results together with an increase of our direct and indirect sales.

Philippe Thibaut

Managing Director
Limoges International airport

I am satisfied with our collaboration with Airiane, whose team is operational and proactive. We particularly appreciate the new Aéroports Voyages Eco-criterion which highlights the environmental efforts undertaken by our airport. This unique Eco-criterion measures the environmental footprint linked to air travel. It informs travelers about environmental actions taken by airports and airlines. We are committed to supporting more sustainable aviation and are pleased to see our efforts granted by an “eco-committed” accreditation.

Olivier MOULIS

Managing Director
Brive Vallée de la Dordogne Airport

We are satisfied with our long-term partnership with Airiane. Our users and customers have a clear vision of all direct routes offered from Caen thanks to the flight schedule module we have integrated. We appreciate the responsiveness and quality of customer support as well as their Eco-criterion which values our environmental actions.


Managing Director
Caen & Deauville Airports

I was impressed by the expertise and reactivity of the Airiane team who worked alongside us in implementing our new website. The model adopted by their Airport Affiliation solution, which we have implemented, offers great advantages in terms of its services, its upgradability and its economic potential.

Edourd Aulanier

Head of communications
Lille airport


Implement and durably develop flight routes and services for your airport and enhance touristic attractiveness of your destination. Airiane’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern airport management. Innovative and modular, they act as a lever for your performance and your customer relationships whilst simplifying the management of information systems.


Customer relationships focused booking system


Professional and dedicated modular internet services


Performance focused multichannel web platform


Your principal services accessible via mobile devices


Personalized & fully integrated flight schedules


Simplified & automated customer relationships