We keep unrolling our delivery roadmap :

  • Q1 2023, we launch our new flight schedules component which can be easily integrated on any airport or National Tourist Board digital services.
  • Together with this new flight schedule, we launched a new eco-criteria, integrated on Aeroports Voyages  as a proof of concept, to help airlines and airports value their efforts towards a greener aviation.
    The point is rather to showcase criteria’s on which the industry has a grip on, such as cleaner aircrafts types, carbon compensation schemes, use of SAFs, rather than just calculating kilos and tons of CO2 released in the atmosphere per flight.
    Even  Airport Carbon Accreditation has been taken into account per route in the algorithm. This eco-creteria is an optional new feature that can be displayed on Airiane Airport Dynamic Schedules Solution.
  • We are also releasing a brand new tracking server side architecture to help reconciliate all kind of data in respect of GDPR rules, which will be ready sometime in April this year.

Stay tuned for new  services to come, specifically in Customer Relationships, cross sales and marketing automation ?

Flight Schedule Engine fully customisable