Step into the world of Airiane, where innovation and digital performance unite for a promising 2024. With 90% of our 2023 road map achieved, this year we unveil our new Airport Media offerings, designed to boost the business success of players in the airport ecosystem. Join us to meet your 2024 goals.

2024, towards our customers success

The year 2023 has just concluded, paving the way for a promising 2024.

Firstly, a notable achievement is that 90%* of the roadmap for the Airiane marketing and technology services platform was accomplished in 2023. This is a significant milestone, given our success in launching an innovative eco-criterion to support the decarbonization of air transport, integrating parking reservation service, and carrying out the technological and ergonomic transition of the Aéroports Voyages marketplace, thereby preparing for its international expansion.

Another point of satisfaction comes from the exceptionally positive feedback from our customers regarding the use and functionality of our services over the year.

This year, we are introducing new Airport Media options offers for all players in the airport ecosystem. This service is decisively aimed at enhancing our customers’ commercial success. For instance, the “Routes Booster” program is specifically designed for airlines, airports, and National Tourism Boards. The Airport Media service acts as a comprehensive solution, encapsulating the technological and marketing expertise of the Airiane team. It enables the strategic growth of customer acquisition while minimizing management costs, consequently increasing the return on investment for campaigns.

Do not hesitate to contact Laurana or Roland to find out more.

Roland Gallo et Laurana Pegliasco d’Airiane Solutions

That concludes our update for now, stay tuned to follow-up our journey.

A brief retrospective since the post-covid period.

* For number enthusiasts, no worries, the elusive 10% is all set for Q1 2024… think of it as our 10% extra sprinkle of optimism in the timeline 😉